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Many girls favorite part is experimenting with their nails. So they wanted it to be look just perfect. Girls even are ready to pay any amount for their nails. But the best you can do with your nails is french manicure. French manicure make your nails look cute, subtle and classy. You can go with french mani at any kind of event, whether it is a wedding or any party or may be any casual outing. Moreover the classic french manicure is in trend for past many years. Classic french manicure make your nails look glossier and simple. French mani is a thing you can never get rid of. We will be now dicussing about girly things: french manicure, which every girl want to do it with thier nails.

Moving further, let’s now talk about this classic french manicure. French mani just give your nails a look similar to barbie, which look very cute and kinda attractive. But girls don’t just get satisfied with one simple french mani which includes white color on the tips and some gloss on nails. Ther are so many french mani that you can try, some are simpler and some are quite little fancy. If you want to know more about classic and trendy french manicures, then just read out it all and make your nails look like dolls nails. To make it easier for you we have explained all about these girly things: french manicure with pictures also.

So continue reading it, and at the you will be very happy and excited to know all about different french mani.

Here are some of the most famous classic french manicures:


Let’s just know it more in detail.

1. Pearl accents classic french manicure


The above french manicure picture clearly shows that it has small and big pearls on it. This is one of the most trendy french mani right now. Now the thing is what is the basic requirements to get pearl french manicure. You just need some pearls, lash glue, and transparent nail polish. Now stick pearls with lash glue in which design you want, then add up transparent nail paint to give some shine. Here you go to shine like a pearl.

2. Clearly bling-y

If you are fond of glitter and want glitter in everything then this is the best classic french manicure to can try. Don’t worry about how it looks, it looks just way more subtle with a little bling. This french mani makes your nails look prettier and when any girl sees your nails they will definitely gonna love it!

Now to get these blingy nails you have to do is stick some glitter and rhinestones on your nails tip and don’t forget to add your classic french white tip. And you are ready to shine!

3. Edgy neons

Who says you can not add color to your french manicure. We have always seen only white color and nudes shades. But you can add some neon colors to it also to make it cooler. Instead of using white color, use some vibrant colors to make it more attractive. For further change you can shape your nail a little pointed. Here you go with a liitle change to your french mani.

4. Floral french manicure

Are you obsessed with floral prints? If yes, then here’s your thing. You can also add some floral prints to your classic manicure. Just put some floral cute stickers to your nails. When you put this on your nails I am sure you will gonna have crush on your nails! Try some trendy nude shades flowers on your nail tip and give a new french mani look to your nails. I hope you are clear with french manicure pictures.

5. Silver lining classic french mani


If you love some metallic twist to everything then why not with nails. Yes, you heard it right girls! You can definitely add some silver or golden linings to your french mani to make it more stylish and attractive. You just have to add some lines on your nail tip with silver color and your glamorous metallic nails are ready to rock.

This is all about most girly things: french mani. This is all you should know about french manicure. I hope you find it helpful in a very simpler and attractive way. As I make my things about classic french manicure clear with pictures. So I have you will be clear with your thoughts about french mani and gonna definitely try out all these different french manicures.

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