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I am damn sure! every girl’s most interesting topic to talk about is makeup. And when it comes to eye makeup they get more excited to talk about it. So, you guess it right! Today also, we will talk about eye makeup. Especially about eyeliner (white eyeliner). Whenever you want to apply eyeliner, the only color strike in your mind is black. Am I right? Yeah of course! Every other girl got that black basic color in her mind when it comes to eyeliner. But it becomes quite boring to use the same black eyeliner at every event. Whether it is a day event or night event. But why look boring? If we have the best alternative. You can try some colors and why not white colored eyeliner. Also, do you face problems with small eyes? Want your eyes look bigger? Go for white eyeliner.

Then here’s the best option you can go for that is white eyeliner. This is best for those who face problems while applying black eyeliner because of their small eyes. As black eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller. It also widens up your eyes and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Another best part is you can also give a cat-eye look by properly knowing the white eyeliner trick.

Talking about when to apply and when not to. So you can apply it at any day event with some floral dress. This will give you quite classy and attractive look. Also if you are a makeup influencer then you must try some white eyeliner looks.

For now, we will be talking about how to wear a white eyeliner pencil? some white eyeliner trick and all. Just be with me and give it a read. At the end of it, I am damn sure you will definitely love the idea of white eyeliner looks, tricks. And you will definitely give it a try. So let’s get into it.

Here are some listed looks or tricks you can say that about it.

  • Make your eyes look bigger.
  • Give your eyes a wider-set
  • Best for eye shadow base.

1. MAKE YOUR EYES LOOK BIGGER: white eyeliner

Do you want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter? Then go for white eyeliner.

If you have small eyes and you want it to look somehow bigger than before? Then apply white eyeliner under your eye area. And keeping it short and effective, you will instantly get a bigger eye look. If you have any event or function at day time then you are good to go with this look. Trust me this white eyeliner trick is very effective. This was the first and very easy white eyeliner look. Girls with small eyes must try this out, you will love it.



How to wear white eyeliner? is now most asked question of every girl who are reading this. Let me tell your about this trick. That you have to just dab white eyeliner out your inner corners of your eyes. And then blend it in a way that it look evenly equal. By blend it then you have to do is drag your pencil towards your eyelids. This will do nothing but make a little space between your eyes, which make your eyes look wider. And this is what it do. Yet another white eyeliner trick with a trick in it.

Hoping I make you clear about how to wear white eyeliner.

3. BEST FOR EYE SHADOW BASE (white eyeliner)

Do you have some event or party or any small meeting in the day time? So why wasting in choosing different eye shadows or any other eye makeup product when you have your best alternative and best partner: white eyeliner. And if you thinking of how to wear white eyeliner as a base? Then here’s your answer. You can use white eyeliner pencil for the base and your eyes a natural yet subtle look. Just fill your entire eyelid with pencil and blend it with your fingers or you can use a blender for it, it’s totally up to you. Now you can apply any light shade eye shadow to give a brighter look. And you are good to go the whole day with this look. As base will give you more stay.

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