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Are you now getting bored of using the same black eyeliner every time you go out for like a party, or any other function? So here’s a solution for you or you can say that a substitute to black eyeliner i.e. brown eyeliner. The brown color eyeliner is quite trendy nowadays. It also gives your eyes a different look. But brown shade also includes a shade card of many brown variations. If you want to give a different look to your eyes then you can definitely try some best brown eyeliner. And the best part is if you have brown eyes then brown eyeliner will look perfect on you. You can apply brown eyeliner anywhere whether you are going for informal events or formal events. Brown eyeliner gives you the best look! So, let’s just talk all about some bold quite trendy brown eyeliner.

It make you feel more intense, more bold then before! If you want give a bomb look to yourself, so why wasting further time let’s just know more about some best brown eyeliner. And you will definitely get some ideas about brown eyeliner=brown eyes.

For now take a look on some of the best brown eyeliner you must know about to get trendy look.

Here is a list of some best brown eyeliner with best looks:


Let’s just dig into it and find out the best and trendy options for you to choose.

1. Chocolate Brown Eyeliner


As it is clear with the name itself that this eyeliner gives a chocolaty colored look to your eyes. Chocolate lovers definitely know how stunning they will look after applying this shade of bold chocolaty eyeliner. The best option for this eyeliner is just one best product that is Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal- Bronze Rust. This eyeliner will give the best chocolaty color to your pretty eyes and make your eyes look prettier. Check out this product and make the best choice and you will love it!

2. Sunset look brown eyeliner

Sunset most happening or wonderful thing ever happened! So why not add the perfect sunset look to your eyes, that make your eyes more beautiful. For this, you just have to choose the best eyeliner to give you that sunset color. So your waiting time is over! By the researches, this eye gives you the sunset look has proven to be the best brown eyeliner for the past 2 years. And the product name is- Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner- Shimmer Bronze. When you pay for this, I am damn sure you will never regret buying this product. To make it more intense, add mango yellow eye shadow. And your party look is ready! Now you are ready to shine with your stunning eyes anywhere.

3. Minimal smokey eyes


Smokey eye look has always been in trend for the past many years. But we always for black eye makeup to give perfect smokey eyes. But, if you want to give it some twist you can also try that perfect smokey eye look with brown shade eyeliner and eye shadow as well. Trust me you will love it! Also, it will give you a very subtle yet minimal smokey eye look. You can try this Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal- Ash Brown eyeliner to give a smokey eye look. This bold look with this product makes you feel happier than anything else. After applying this you can use the smudging applicator to make look more soften. And you are good to go for any night event.

4. Smudged underliner

This one is for those who have small eyes and find many difficulties to get perfect winged eyeliner. These girls also now can slay by using smudged underliners. For this, you don’t even have to pay a lot for buying this to get the perfect look. You can apply any pencil colored eyeliner to give you that smudged eye look. Just apply any brown pencil eyeliner under your eye and smudge it properly until it will smudge evenly. And you are good to go anywhere with this damn eye look. This look is the best backup for those who struggle a lot to get perfect winged liner.

5. Fluorescent wing


Last but not the least yet the best option for fresh yet slay eye look. This eyeliner will best go with some viberant fluorescent colored eye shadow. Those who love experimenting with colors, for those the wait is over. Because we have best option for you girls!

I can bet on this, that no one has ever tried this cracky look. To get the best chocolaty eyeliner looks one must try this out. You just have to follow a simple step to get this look that first applies any brown colored eyeliner then mixes this color with any fluorescent color to make a simple look bomb, yet cool AF. And you are ready to slay anywhere.

This is all about bold quite trendy brown eyeliner that every girl must know about. I hope you liked it. And find it informative in a very interesting way.

Brown eyeliner= brown eyes 🙂

So if you want to look some different, you must try these 5 best options which will definitely be loved by all. This is it, all about some of the best brown eyeliner looks, easy to apply which gives you a glamorous look. All about bold and trendy brown eyeliner:)

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