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All about scalp massage and it’s benefits.

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how to massage scalp?

Scalp massage is the most soothing process done to your scalp ever. It just blows away all your stress, tensions, workload, and many more. Nothing can ever beat giving relaxation then a good head massage. Besides giving one benefit that is to remove stress, it has many more benefits. Scalp massage should be done by every age type: baby, adult, middle age, and old age. It also lightens up your mood and turns your anger into calm. All about scalp massage and it’s benefits you should know about. Also, we will talk further about how to massage the scalp? It is for hair growth and What happens if you massage your scalp every day?


Now talking about its technicals or we can say that some scientific terms about scalp massage. When you massage your scalp it includes your forehead, nape, etc. When you move your finger into the scalp it promotes hair growth also. Because your fingers apply pressure and then the circulation of muscles becomes good and your hair growth happens. It is best for hair growth, easy to do, and free of cost. Technically it is done to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, rejuvenate the roots, and condition the scalp. Now the question is what are hair follicles? This is nothing but, these are made up of hyperactive stem cells. Massaging scalp just dilates small arteries into your scalp which helps in increasing blood flow and gives you good hair growth.

how to massage scalp?

Other then this, it gives you a good hair texture also, reduces your hair fall. But scalp massage is quite a slow process for hair growth. But no need to worry, it will definitely work on your scalp from the roots. And moreover it just a safe process without any side effects. So we prefer, scalp massage instead of using hair growth promoting products like shampoo, hair oil, etc.

One more thing about how to massage scalp? is, you can more often use some tools for scalp massage and some specialised hair brush also. And you can perform this by taking training from the specialist who give you proper insturction of how to do scalp massage? If you want to do it at home then you just need to follow some steps given below:


Let’s now talk about all these in depth.

1. Massage your scalp without oil every day.

Whenever you feel you have free time for just 5 minutes, then just do one thing massage your scalp with your fingers only for only 5 minutes every day. What happens if you massage your scalp every day? When you massage your head with fingers, then it will put pressure on your scalp and helps in hair growth and gives you calmness in your mind also. Try this simple formula for your all overgrowth.

2. Massage your scalp while shampooing

scalp massage

Try this formula of scalp massages for hair growth i.e. whenever you do shampoo your hair, do one thing massage it for few minutes. And make sure you cover your full scalp when you do it so that proper circulation can be done throughout whole scalp. Yet another best tip to try scalp massages for hair growth.

3. Opt another formula: Oil massage

Choose some natural hair oil for a good massage. And choose the perfect hair oil which suits your scalp. To make more effective you can mix two oils and essential oil. For more good results massage your scalp by a massage specialist. It gives you more effective and makes your hair stronger and healthier. These scalp massages for hair growth will help you out a lot.

So, this is all about scalp massage and its benefits you should know about. I hope you find it informative and helpful. Also, I am quite sure you are clear with your questions like what happens if you massage your scalp every day?

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