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 wedding nail art

Every girl’s dream is to look perfect on her wedding day with makeup, dress, nails as well. So talking about nails after all the arrangements of wedding done, nails are also the most important part to show on wedding day. So don’t forget to choose best manicure, best nail art design which exactly go with your bridal look. For further we will be talking about brides most lovable thing ” BRIDAL NAILS”. Here I come up with some fabulous nail art designs brides. Brides be ready to find out your perfect wedding nail designs!

Luckily, we have choose some fabulous nail art designs specially for brides. For every kind of bride we have different nail arts which go best on their type. Without nail art every bride’s look is incomplete. So, to complete their perfect wedding look it is necessary to get perfect nail art. To end up your wedding look, let’s just know about the best nail art ideas for you my stunning ladies!

Without leaving you in more suspense let’s just get started! Stay tuned for some lovely and stunning nail art designs my brides 🙂

Here I have listed some nail art designs specially for bridal nails.

For lovely Traditional Indian Bride

bridal nail art

We all know there is a tradition in every Indian wedding the color from bride’s dress to bride nail’s must be red. Their saying is that , red color is lucky for brides. So, for nails also color must be red. You can try this red matte nail paint with some golden glitter on it, and for cherry on cake add some beads matching your dress. This is it about typical Indian bridal nails. Indian brides must go with this special wedding nail art. Also you can try mahroon color or blood red color for this depending up on your wedding dress color.

For Minimalist Bride Nail Art Designs

For this, if you want your nails add up jewels but not too many. So to keep it simple yet trendy jewel nail art, you can definitely go for french manicure. Also it’s all about your wedding so we can obviously add some glitter to it to make look more prettier. This will be one of the best nail art designs for bridal nails.

For color, it can be any pastel color. It can be peach, bargandi etc. with whitish touch on tip of your nails. Here you are ready with your most wanted and dreamy wedding nail art. By having this wedding nail desings you will always feel very happy to see pictures after your wedding.

For Edgy Brides Nail art Designs

This wedding nail art is specially for those brides who want some edgy nails with some jewel on it and some glitter for cherry on cake. This type of bridal nail art is fun to carry for any bride. This gives you some different shape and look to your nails. These nails best go with dark, bold colors like brown, dark red, pink etc. These wedding nail designs look different but classy at same time. So don’t you worry about this your nails will be perfect for your wedding day. So any bride can try these bridal nails if they want some fun yet attractive!

Fairy tale Bridal nails

wedding nail art

Every girl’s dream is all about to have her own fairy tale. So they dream for the best wedding with best wedding dress, wedding makeup, wedding nail art, everything. This fairy tale nail art is always look best with pastel colors like baby pink, sky blue etc. These pastel colored nail art best go with some glitter on it. This gives you a very elegant, pretty look on your fairy tale wedding. So you can definitely try this fairytale bridal nail art if want it to become a dreamy and elegant wedding.

This is it all about some fabulous nail art designs for brides. Wedding nail designs, the most interesting topic for every bride. I hope you find it helpful. So choose the best nail art for you because you are the best. So choosing best is not an option for you, it obviously become mandatory. Good luck for your wedding:)

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