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Eyebrow slit a very creepy trend but quite famous now- a- days. But the thing is where this trend come from. What is the origin of slit eyebrow? Sometimes the reason behind the origin of anything is nature. This trend is now followed by both men and women. This trend is increasing day by day. Mostly the slit eyebrow trend is followed by the singers or any stage performer. Also many celebrities also find this very interesting.Also another question arises do eyebrows slits grow back? By further reading your all questions will be clear. We will be now talking about the basics of eyebrow slit you must know about.

What actually eyebrow slit is?

It is nothing but an unusual trend experimented with your eyebrow. This include some vertical cuts on your eyebrow. Also if you don’t want to make cuts on your eyebrow you can also do the same with makeup, i.e by applying foundation in a way so that cuts will formed. You can also do it with yourself with any razor or any blade kind of thing. Also there are now many professionals outside who can do it perfectly.

Now coming to the origin thing. This slit eyebrow trend runs from the earlier 90’s. But at that time this trend was mostly followed by men (eyebrow slit men). Especially hip hop artists followed that trend at that time. But now the things are all changed. Now again this trend is on top which come into existence by modern beauty bloggers who are enough brave to come up with all the weird trends like this. They find it very attractive.

To make you more clear about eyebrow slit trend, that it is just a natural thing that can be occur on anyone. But someone find this very attractive on the eyebrow. Then afterwards this become an awkward unusual trend.

Recently some actors like Jason Momoa got this catchy trend and named it as a life. But the truth about his cut is he got this cut in some bar fight. Also I personally love this trend. It feels so cool and very attractive.



So, basically eyebrow slit can be permanently done or can be temporary depending on your likes and dislikes. Also depend on that if you want it for fun or for permanent.

If you want to do it by yourself then you just need a trimmer or razor for this and you can make any cut around your eyebrow. But do it with all preps. and with all carefulness. So be careful while doing this otherwise you will harm yourself.

But , if you don’t want any cut on your eyebrow for slit eyebrow you can also go for makeup then. Just apply concealer to make the edge slits and blend it properly so that it will mix to your skin and appear in a natural way. This give a look that even photographer will not be able to tell whether it is real or fake. This can be followed by men (eyebrow slit men) also.


Obviously, eyebrow slits grow back. But it all depends upon your eyebrow growth. It can be again grown within in a week or may be two or three weeks. But on an average, it will definitely take minimum of two weeks. And maximum up to a month.

But if you find this very scary experiment to do, then don’t try this by yourself because you will end up with a mess. And we all know how precious your every feature of face is. So think before you actually do.

This is all about eyebrow slits. The basics of eyebrow slit you must know about. Hoping you find it helpful. If you love these cool trends then you must try this trend out. Trust me you will never regret, although this a temporary process. So need to worry about the mess also.

Also if you still have any doubt about this then you can ask in comment section. 🙂

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