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Some basic tips on Hooded Eyes makeup

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Talking about the hooded eyes, what are hooded eyes? So basically it’s a type of eye that include some extra layer on eye lid which appear but little. Everyone have different eyes, so for different eyes makeup should be obviously different. So further we will be talking about how makeup for hooded eyes can be done. Let’s now talk about some basic tips on hooded eyes makeup.

No need to be sad on this if you have hooded eyes, you are not alone in this. Many celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake lively, Emma Stone, and Camilla Belle also have hooded eyes, and they are live example that why worry with this. You can do best in any field with any feature. Also there are so many makeup substitute to hide this feature and make your eyes look gorgeous and attractive. So let’s just dig into it without wasting any time.

Here I have given some basic tips on eyes makeup. No need to worry from now, just read out all and you will be very happy after reading it all.



The worst part of hooded eyelid is they most of the time touch your brow bone which look awkwardly bad. Which results in smudging everything. Even when it comes to mascara , it will end up with black smears under your eyebrows. Mostly when your skin gets oily. To make look in some better way you can use a mascara that does not budge. You can try maybelline full ‘n’ soft waterproof mascara and covergirl lash blast waterproof volume mascara are the best mascara you must try for this type of eyes. It will give you a very natural look and safe you from any disaster. Also a very reasonable price you have to pay for this.


If you apply any makeup on hooded eyes there will be no benefit on applying makeup because it will automatically hide. So why wasting time on applying makeup on eyes , which results in bad hood eyes makeup. Instead of applying any eye makeup, you can apply eyeliner above your eye lashes. When you apply eyeliner on your hooded eyelid make sure that eyeliner must be so thin. If the layer will not be thin then it will not appear on your eyes. This is one of the best idea you can go for your kind of eyes.


makeup for hooded eyes

If you apply eye shadow or liner , it will swallon up your eyes for sure. And then disappear your eye makeup. But you can experiment with different shades of eye shadow. Dark shed of eye shadow always look good on hooded eyes, for this you can try different shades like violet, which give you overwhelming effect and make your eye lid look prettier. This will definitely help you out.

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