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Types of Manicures: Get to Learn about various kinds.

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In this article you will get to know about types of manicures,different types of nail services and manicure styles . Keep on reading to know……

What is Manicure?

Manicure is a beauty treatment done to the nails which includes activities like shaping and painting the nails, removing the cuticles or softening the skin around the nails. It is considered to be the simplest way to beautify and decorate your nails. Let’s learn about the various types of Manicures!

Different Types of Manicures.

1. Basic Manicure.

How to do?

If you are trying manicure for the first time, this is the best method to try. Firstly the manicurist will apply any moisturizer or oil on the cuticles. Then, your hands will be dipped for 5 minutes in warm water. Next, the manicurist will clean the cuticles. Your nails will be trimmed, cleaned, and shaped by the manicurist. Next, manicurist will apply a base nail paint , and after that she will apply any color nail paint to your nails . Then one more coat of transparent nail paint.

2. French Manicure

types of nail services

How to do?

This type of manicure styles are considered to be stylish, and many divas these days try out this type of manicure only. It’s simple to do. The manicurist will apply any clear or light colored nail polish to your nails. Once it dries, the tip of the nails are painted with a white nail polish in a crescent shape . But if you like colors you can also paint the tip in different colors – and give a colorful wonder to the Basic French manicure.

3. Reverse French Manicure

types of nail services

How to do?

It is a stylish alternative to the French manicure. Unlike french manicure, this one has the crescent moon painted close to the cuticles.

The first step is that your nails will be cleaned, trimmed, and shaped. Your hands will be dipped in warm water for some time. Next, the cuticles will be pushed back as the crescent shape will be made close to them. Now, the nails will be painted with a transparent nail paint. Once it dries, your nails will be painted with any dark colored nail polish of your choice. Just so you know, the moon will be made in a lighter shade. Once the nail polish is applied and dries completely, a crescent shape moon is made at tip of the nail. The process finishes off with a polish of clear nail paint.

4. Paraffin Manicure

different types of manicure

How to do?

This is a special type of manicure that will glorify your hands. It uses certain kinds of oils and wax that will soften and smooth-en your hands.

The manicurist will first boil the wax in a wax melting device. When the wax is let to sit for sometime, the temperature will be lowered. On the other side, your hands will be massaged with oils. When the temperature of the melted wax is stable, your hands are soaked into it. The hands are let out so that the wax dries on your hands. Again, it’s soaked into the wax and lifted. This cycle is repeated several times so that your hands have several layers of wax. Your hands are then left alone for some time. Next, the wax is cleaned with a towel and then the final step is to follow the regular manicure process.

5. American Manicure

types of nail services

How to do?

It is like the French manicure styles, but with a little bit of difference. In this type of manicure, your nails get a more natural look. The nail shape you get is also different in this manicure.

The starting steps are the same, clean and shape your nails , . Then give your nails a shape to form a rounder shape (not like the square form in the French manicure). After the manicurist applies base polishes, ivory shades are applied to your nails. After that, the nail paint is normally brushed on your nails.

6. Gel Manicure

manicures styles

How to do?

If you a low maintenance but yet a long term manicure, then this is the types of nail services you are looking for-Gel Manicure. This manicure starts with a basic steps like nail trimming, cleaning, pushing back the cuticles and applying the base coat. After this, she will apply two polishes of a gel to the nails. Then she will apply the other coat only once the earlier coat is dried completely . After that, you have to expose your fingers in the sun light in middle of each step so that the nail polish dries quickly. The texture of the gel polish lasts long when compared to any other polish. And that’s how your nails can sustain that glorifying look for a long period of time.

7. Mirror Manicure

manicure styles

How is to do?

This type of manicure styles are trending on all social media websites and apps, if you want to add an extra glory to your nails, consider this type of manicure.

In this types of nail services, the manicurist will complete the basic manicure steps , apply a thick polish of black (or any other dark shade) to the nails. The manicurist can use gel nail coat for a long term result. After that, set the nail paint free to dry. Next, apply the chrome shade on the nails to give a mirror effect. After that apply a thin coat , and then again set it free to dry.

Precautions to take care for while Manicuring the nails.

There are a lot of chances of nail injury are during different types manicures. A lot of pressure on the cuticles while pushing them can damage your skin. So, it is important that you visit a salon that has skilled manicurists.Tell your manicurist to use safe equipment.

An individual can even carry her own nail equipment while visiting the salon. If you can’t carry them with you, make sure the manicurists clean the equipment and sanitize them before they use them on you.

Always make sure the manicurists wash his/her hands before manicuring your hands.

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