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Different types of Socks

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You must be wondering about this, that we are taking about type of socks. Don’t take this so easy that it doesn’t require any specific knowledge. Types of socks is easy to sound but there are things you must know before you are wearing a particular socks or buying it.

As we use socks as a very essential thing, but it also require proper knowledge. If you end up ignoring this it will lead to smelly feet, cracks which will lead a very bad impression. So you must know all socks types very well, also socks length and which socks is wear when.

Since, we are at it, we will dig deeper, one scroll at a time. So, let’s begin.


So let’s begin with introduction to socks types, also further we will talk about socks length and it’s usage as well. So let’s get started.

1. Ankle Length Socks

Basically ankle length socks go with low cut shoes like loafers, casual shoes or just something to protect your feet. Talking about socks length it covers till your ankles. We can wear this type of socks on casual occasions. On casual outings it will definitely look classy and very elegant we can say that cool type. Also it will best go with sporty look.

  • PERFECT WITH- Informal and low cut shoes for sports, running, gym etc.
  • MEANT FOR- Men as well as women.

2. Quarter Length Socks

As it is a quarter length it covers your little above part of ankle. They give a way more coverage than ankle length socks. This kind of socks is the best to prevent from shoe bite. These can be wear by men for professional use. And for women, they use this socks length to prevent from shoe biting. And this comes under the Different types of socks.

  • PERFECT WITH- Informal shoes – mostly for men for both formal and informal purposes. Women can wear them with their running shoes.
  • MEANT FOR- Men and women, depending on their need.

3. Crew Length Socks

These types of socks basically used in winters because of their length. This length socks can be wear while performing actvitieslike hiking, running etc. Talking about the length it’s about six to eight inches long. They are perfect for protection and coverage.

  • PERFECT WITH- Informal or running shoes- for physical activities and informal purposes. At home when it’s time for winters.
  • MEANT FOR- Men as well as women, depending on needs.

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