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Top 10 Japanese Clothing Brands: Choose your best brand.

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Everything about Japan is amazing, be it their technology, infrastructure or their discipline. But there’s one more reason why other people are going crazy about Japan, and that is their clothing. You may think that their brands are very expensive and high-end. But, there are certain brands that give you the best quality with affordable prices. Let’s get to know about the top 10 Japanese clothing brands!

Here’s a list of top 10 clothing brands (in no particular order) all the way from Japan:

  • Peach John
  • Snidel
  • Cecil McBee
  • Issey Miyake
  • WEGO
  • Tsumori Chisato
  • Beams
  • Comme des Garçons
  • Uniited Arrow
  • Uniqlo

Let’s get to know each of the brand in detail:

1. Peach John: Top Japanese Clothing Brand.

japanese clothing brand

It’s interesting to know that Peach John started as a mail ordering brand, and with time it became a tremendous hit. It now has more than 40 stores and deals in lingerie, lounge-wear and promises to match every women’s needs. It’s tagline is ‘Healthy, Happy, Sexy’ which according to the brand, every woman should feel inside out.

2. Snidel

japanese clothing brand

If you see your personality as feminine, Snidel is the perfect brand for you. The designs of this brand are a beautiful mixture of delicate cuts and street style, which is what every urban woman desires of.

3. Cecil McBee

japanese clothing brand

You can’t look for ‘best’ Japanese clothing brands without looking at Cecil McBee. This brand has maintained it’s goodwill for almost 2 decades and continues to be at the top. The craze of this brand is especially among the youngsters due to it’s urban style clothing. It’s gives tough competition to brands like H&M, Forever 21 and Zara.

4. Issey Miyake

japanese clothing brand,japanese style dress

Issey Miyake is a designer who launched the brand in his own name in 1970. The first collection of the brand was presented in New York in 1971. Issey Miyake is known for bring art, color and nature together to make it into fabric. He is one of the most successful and influential designers in the world and has an amazing collection of clothes. Apart from clothes, the designer has an amazing collection of perfumes as well.


japanese clothing brand,japanese style dress

Wego was first established in Tokyo and has 150 stores in Japan today. It is the most popular brand among youngsters for japanese style dress because of it’s hippy and trendy designs at affordable prices. If you want to try the super cool Harajuku style, you must look for Wego.

6. Tsumori Chisato

japanese clothing brand,japanese style dress

It’s interesting to know that Tsumori Chisato worked under Issey Miyake before starting her own company. She looked after the Issey Sports division. Her special way of mixing luxurious textiles with intricate designs, embroidery and prints made her won many awards. Tsumori Chisato has over 40 stores across Asia, USA, Russia and Scandinavia.

7. Beams

japanese clothing brand,japanese style dress

Beams was started in 1974 and has various segments other than clothing, those are interior decor, furniture, accessories and shoes. It’s clothes are street style and casual, making it a hit in North America side. This brand has over 140 stores across Japan, New York, China, Hong Kong, Milan and Paris.

8. Comme des Garçons: Top Japanese Clothing Brand.

japanese style dress

Comme des Garçons is such a big brand in Japan that it is considered to be the epitome of style and couture clothing. It is interesting to know that the theme of Met Gala 2017 was based on Rei Kawakubo (the founder of this brand) and Comme des Garçons. Even though Comme des Garçons is a luxury brand, it started the producing clothes at affordable prices in order to increase it’s customer base.

9. United Arrows

If you are looking for a brand that has out of the box clothes with classy pieces of fashion, this might be the correct brand for you. It also has various other sub-brands under its name that sell beauty and lifestyle products.

10. Uniqlo: Top Japanese Clothing Brand.

japanese style dress

This brand is our personal favorite brand among the top 10 Japanese clothing brands and it tops the charts when it comes to quality based products with affordable prices. This brand was founded in 1949. It has over 900 stores across USA, Asia and Europe. Whether you’re looking for casual, formal clothes or active-wear, this brand should be the perfect choice for you.

We’ve introduced you to the top 10 Japanese clothing brands. Once you choose a brand, there’s no looking back, their colors, patterns, designs and quality are amazing. Choosing a Japanese brand is a perfect way to look for best quality products and that too with affordable prices. Choose your cool Japanese brand according to your needs and requirements. Checkout their websites for more information or to buy their products!

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