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Fade Haircut for Men: How to get a stylish look.

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Fade Haircut or short fade haircut is a popular haircut design for men that has remained popular and will continue to remain popular. This haircut is generally suitable for men with short hair but now-a-days men with long hair or medium hair have also started trying this look. It doesn’t matter whether you are white, black or Latino, this haircut will definitely look good on you.

The most popular type of fade haircut for men is to cut your hair short on the back and sides and keep it long on the top. Here’s a list of different types of fade haircut for men that you can try:

Table of Contents:

  • Low Fade Haircut
  • High Fade Haircut
  • Mid Fade Haircut
  • Temp Fade Haircut
  • Pompadour Fade Haircut
  • Faux Hawk Haircut
  • Curly Hair Fade
  • Straight Hair Fade
  • Comb Over Fade
  • Taper Fade Haircut

Different types of Fade Haircut:

1. Low Fade Haircut

fade haircut

This type of haircut is very popular among men because of its simplicity and also giving a bold and stylish look. This haircut starts above the ears and goes down to the neck. This haircut looks good with a beard too, that is why it is the most chosen haircut for men these days.

2. High Fade Haircut

fade haircut

This haircut is similar to the above haircut. The only difference is that the hair is trimmed more above the ears so that the hair on just the top is visible. This style is also very popular among men who want to show-off their hair on the top. Whether you have long hair, medium hair or short hair, this haircut will look good on you.

3. Mid Fade Haircut

mid fade haircut

This haircut comes between the long fade haircut and the short fade haircut. Men who don’t want their hair to be trimmed neither too much nor too low, can go for this haircut. This haircut also focuses on the hair that should be high on the top and is popular among men.

4. Temp Fade Haircut

fade haircut

This haircut is traditionally made for black men with Afros, buzz cuts and tight-curly hair. This haircut is also known as temple fade haircut and is done by sharp and clean cuts along the edges of the hairline, near your temples.

5. Pompadour Fade Haircut

fade haircut

This hairstyle is modern and trendy due to the elegant look it provides to your hair. This haircut has faded sides and on the top, beautiful slides of hair is made. Men who have short, medium or long hair can do this pomp haircut with different height and volume of the hair. Men can also apply pomade on the hair to get an extra shine to the haircut.

6. Faux Hawk Haircut

This haircut has become popular and trendy due to the flawless design it provides on the hair. This haircut includes faded hair on the sides and thick hair on the top styled as spikes. If you want to try something different then ask your barber for this haircut.

7. Curly Hair Fade

This haircut is made for men with curly hair who think that their hair is difficult to manage. It might just be the answer for those men. This haircut includes faded side and thick curly hair hair on the top. The curly hair makes the hairstyle unique and exceptional.

8. Straight Hair Fade

fade haircut

This haircut can be done according to the type of hair you have. This haircut includes faded sides, be it low fade, mid fade or high fade and straight and simple design of hair on the top. It is a simple yet stylish looking haircut that you should try on your hair.

9. Comb Over Fade

This haircut is a classic and one of its kind haircut. It is similar to other haircuts like it also includes faded sides, but on the top the hair is combed and parted to one side. What makes this haircut so popular is because of the elegance and simplicity it provides. Men should try this haircut at-least once in their lifetime.

10. Taper Fade Haircut

This haircut is one of the most iconic and classic haircut styles in the world. This haircut trims your hair to the sides and back. It’s not as short as a skin fade. But is still sharp, neat and clear, the taper cut is more conservative trim and will cut your hair without cutting it down to your skin, that is your skin is more likely to be not visible. The top of the hair will be styled accordingly as per your hair length and volume.

While you were reading our article, you came to know about the various types of faded haircut. You may have chosen the type of haircut that will look good on you. We suggest you to consult your barber on choosing the best hairstyle on you and letting your barber cut your hair. You can also cut your hair yourself, taking the required precautions and equipment. There are numerous videos and articles available on the internet on how to cut and style your hair at home. Good Luck with your hair and Make it Shine!

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