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Carrot Juice Benefits, side effects and preparation.

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Carrots are the excellent source of rich vitamins and nutrients which is very healthy. And it’s not like for getting all these nutrients and vitamins you have to eat carrot ,No… you can also have carrot juice which is very easy to make yet takes less time to finish. Therefore, you can add this juice to your diet too as it also results in weight loss and improves skin texture and also reduces the cancer risk.In this given article, we will further discuss about the healthy benefits of carrot juice…

Carrot juice benefits
Carrot juice benefits

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Health Benefits of Carrot Juice.

The beta-carotene in carrot juice is a powerful antioxidant which is the core ingredient of the Carrot. Which helps in reducing cancer risk , and also prevents heart complications. This juice also reduces the blood glucose level which results in weight loss…

Likewise, there are many benefits which are listed below –

1. Improves Vision.

Well, we hear a lot about improving your vision by eating carrots,The truth behind this claim is that

The beta – carotene which is similarly to vitamin A present in carrot is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

Vitamin A helps to protect the surface of the eye which leads to the stronger vision , hence improves your eye vision by drinking a good amount of this juice daily. Carrot does also contain lutein which is also a good antioxidant which helps in protecting your eye from the damaging light.

2. Promotes Skin Health.

The Beta – Carotene which is present in the carrot has a very good healing properties. If you have a history of skin problems, like skin rashes, skin inflammation etc then without any second thought, just add this juice to your diet which improves the appearance of the skin.

It contains vitamin C which has healing properties and also helps skin to recover faster from external wounds and trauma.Thus, this juice is so rich in health benefits.

3. Helps in Weight loss.

The fiber present in the carrots helps in losing your weight and it is also low in calories, that’s how it is easily adjustable in your everyday weight loss diet.

Researchers also recommend that the adequate intake of the fiber which is present in carrot helps in resulting a good amount of weight loss.Thus, this juice is so rich in health benefits.

4. Improves brain health.

Beta – carotene present in carrots helps in improving the cognitive functions and reduces the risk of age related memory problems which we later experiences a lot, mostly during our old days. Hence, it improves the brain function or strengthens the brain and also the memory.

5. Healthier Pregnancy.

Intake of this juice is very beneficial during pregnancy and after pregnancy as it is very healthy for the mother as well as for the offspring.Because its full of calcium, folate, potassium, magnesium, and of course vitamin A.

Calcium present in carrots helps in strong building of bones, cartilage of foetus, while folate prevents birth defects.

6. Reduces Cancer risk.

As we discussed earlier too, that the carrots helps in reducing cancer risk. Now lets get to know..How ?

Cancer develops in one’s body when abnormal body cells forms and then it multiplies uncontrobally.Since antioxidants is highly helps in stop cell damage, Extracts from carrots are found to be induce apoptosis and causes a cell cycle arrest in leukemia cell lines. Hence, thats how this juice offers protection against various types of cancers.

7. Reduces cholesterol.

If you are a cholesterol patient , and you are facing a big trouble in controlling your cholesterol and if you want to control your cholesterol without taking medication, then without any second just add carrot juice to your daily diet.It is an excellent source of potassium which can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Lowered cholesterol also reduces the risks of heart diseases and stroke.Thus, Carrot juice is so rich in health benefits.

How to make Carrot juice ?

Preparing the carrot juice is not a big of a deal , making of this juice is very simple yet quick. All you need is two sized carrots, some filtered water and some vegies which is completely opyional or your likes.Lets get to know how to make the healthy benefits rich carrot juice..

  1. Wash and ry the carrots, then blend it.
  2. You can also some well chopped vegies if you want according to your preferences.
  3. Adding some filtered water into it, blend it until the juice becomes smooth.
  4. Strain the juice into a new container with the help of a nut milk bag.
  5. Here you go with the carrot juice, you can also store the leftover pulp(fiber) in the refrigerator and can use it for some other time preparations.

Side Effects of Carrot juice.

Well there are numerous health benefits of Carrot juice but only it is good if you take in the moderate amount.Carrots are rich in vitamin A , due to which if you intake the carrot juice in a very excess amount then it can results in vitamin toxicity in which the individual later reports a lot of constipation.

Also, the excessive intake of this juice or the beta – carotene which is this vitamin that gives carrot its orrange, the excessive intake of this vitamin could also result in changing of your skin colour like merely in yellowish or orange tint. In conclusion, this juice is rich in vitamins and can do wonders if you add this in your daily diet but dont over intake of this juice.

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