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Cocktail attire for women.

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Word “attire” most common word in humans especially in women. Basically, the word “attire” is all about wardrobe collection. When it comes to cocktail attire, its all about ready-made wear for some fancy events or parties. Earlier “cocktail attire” were classified under most expensive “attire” for women but now the scenario has changed. Also, it answered many questions, on which occasion what to wear also at what time which “attire” should be carried on.

Designers play an important part by providing so many options. Now you can easily pickup any dress which you see most suitable for your event or party or relatable occasion. But for this firstly you must know basics about “attire”. So, here’s a guide or you can say most important do’s and dont’s for “cocktail attire” one must follow.

Cocktail attire  women.

What is Cocktail Attire?

If we simplify, this “Cocktail Attire for women” is just a mixture of formal as well as party wear dresses or costumes. It is just informal than your workplace outfit but little formal than party wear dresses. Cocktail Attire is just lies between formal attire and informal attire. Also, it is totally depended on the invitation you are invited for. Cocktail Attire can never be included include formal functions, it always includes parties like engagements, reunions, retirement parties, anniversaries, etc. Cocktail Attire doesn’t include heavy dresses or over worked dresses.

What is Cocktail Attire for Women?

Before getting into dos and don’ts you must know about what actually “Cocktail Attire for Women” meant for? It is nothing but it clarifies which a woman should follow for their”Cocktail Attire”. A woman must kept in their mind that their Attire should not be too tight that it will lead to body shaming or it must not be revealing. Also, it tells about what dress to consider what not to consider like the dresses which lies between formal and informal. We all know that black color can never be out of fashion, black colored outfit will always be in demand but for “Cocktail Attire” that must be simple not designed with glittery things. Also, it can be a simple strapless or cold folded sleeves dress, also it can be an of middle length neither too short nor too long which can be easily carried. Keeping it in mind we will move further by discussing dos and don’ts.

Here are some do’s and don’ts which every women must follow.

Cocktail attire For women

Don’t wear Skimpy Dresses/ Do watch your Hempline

Don’t mix your friends party with your cocktail attire for women because it is not same as your cocktail. We can wear any kind of dress on our friends party like mini dress showing some cleavage but on cocktail parties it is different. We can’t wear revealing dress on cocktail parties. Cocktail parties meant for some formal attires. Don’t wear transparent dresses or dresses which become source of attraction for everyone.

Always keep it in that if any other women wear that kind of dress which is not suitable for cocktail what would be your comments on that women so, always be careful with your dress. Always keep it in mind that your areas must not be reviling. Also, if you are wearing a see through dress be careful with that you are wearing an undershirt under your dress. Any dress in some sleeves can be a comfortable dress to wear. Also, if you want to carry you without sleeves dress you can carry it by wearing some fancy shrug. As you all know about that evergreen black dress you can wear any medium length black dress.

Don’t wear huge gown that trail out/ do midi sized dresses

No need to wear heavy long gowns that make you feel uncomfortable in the party because cocktail party is not for that heavy stuff which leads to feel awkward in the whole party.

Don’t make yourself center of attraction by wearing the dress which can be wear on some grand functions. Wear some simple middle length dress in some light weighted necklace. If you are comfortable with mini dresses you can also wear mini dresses but also make sure that dress will not lead you in an embarrassing situation.

Don’t show up in jeans/ do wear trousers

Jeans are basically wear for casual outings not for parties like cocktail parties. as i have told you earlier cocktail parties are basically consider as kind of formal parties so trousers are always being best outfit for formal gatherings .

So you can best pair up your crop top or tank top or any blouse with your trouser, it will be one of bests outfits. Also, for women, to make more elegant your cocktail attire, you can pair up your outfit with some necklace. It is as easy to pair up as you think. Is it?

Don’t carry huge bags/ do it with a clutch

Every women cocktail attire is incomplete without bags. Also, we are women it becomes very important to carry out emergency stuff with us always, it requires a huge bag.

But huge bags never look good on any outfit. , so we can reduce our stuff and adjust in our clutch which will go with the cocktail outfit very well. Also, you can hang some fancy sling bag which also looks very elegant. It attracts people towards you in a positive.

Don’t do flip flops/ do heels or platforms

Flip-flops, no never . flip-flops can never go with cocktail attire. flip flops always carry on daily basis so how can it be use as party wear?

Though they are very comfortable but it will lead bad impression on everyone. So always go with some heels like platform heels, wedges, also they make your dress more elegant.

Don’t overdo accessories/ do one statement piece

Never pair up your dress with heavy accessories or large number of accessories. always pair up your dress with either one piece on none.

Also, we know excess of everything is bad in everything. If you overdo your accessories it will very bad on you, also it will dull you elegance of dress.

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